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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  June 6, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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friendly to businesses like tesla comes in. >> what we ought to be doing is talking about what can we do to make it -- what can we do to make it happen. >> reporter: it would provide for financial incentives and loosen the rules to fast track construction. >> we need to be creative and think outside the box in terms of what do we need to do to retain business and draw new business to california. >> reporter: elon musk says california is a long shot but still in the running for the $5 billion plant which will create about 6,000 jobs, with you california is notoriously slow in approving big projects. >> we have known about solar companies that did almost the same project in california that that took four to five years and the same project in colorado took eight to 12 weeks. >> reporter: he blames abuses of california's environmental laws by special interest groups but praised sacramento's effort to speed things up. >> set standards that way that
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companies can meet them efficiently and quickly. >> reporter: musk is not expected to make a decision on which state will get the "giga factory" until this year. but he has said the speed at which the factory can be built is even more important to his company than any financial incentives any states can offer. in fremont, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> ted gaines and dale steinberg coauthored the bill. elon musk has narrowed down the factory location to four other states: texas, new mexico, arizona and nevada. new at 6:00, fighting against a disturbing new trend. it's called wilding. it's when a group of teenagers goes on the attack. it's been happening in the east bay. kpix 5's cate caugiran with the new police plan to prevent a repeat. hi, cate. >> reporter: hi, brian. it's going to be about information sharing. we know right now, san leandro police are keeping an eye out for reports of 60 teenagers headed here from hayward. there are officers on standby
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to try to prevent another wilding attack. what you see here in this video, mobs of teenagers attacking using numbers to scare and intimidate others. this is out of chicago. and something like this is happening here. san leandro police met with alameda county sheriff's, bart police, hayward police, to draft a plan on how to respond to these attacks. this group hopes to develop a task force of 20 to 30 officers solely dedicated to preventing this. >> this task force that we're forming is necessary because of the fact that most of the law enforcement agencies don't have the resources to address hundreds of people committing criminal activity. >> reporter: police say there have been several attacks over the past month, the biggest one at the bay fair mall where a group of teens chased another teen surrounded him and beat him for his shoes and cell phone. an attack on monday involved another teenaged mob trying to steal a car with a 2-year-old
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in the back seat. today's meeting was part one of two. the second one will be tuesday. it's going to include all agencies along the 880 corridor. we're talking newark, fremont, hayward, among the few. and we know that they are going to try to kick-start the task force next week as the school year ends. reporting live in san leandro, cate caugiran, kpix 5. two people are in custody after federal agents uncovered a massive meth lab in a san jose house. drug agents say hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of meth were flowing in and out of the home. the feds think the operation may have been supplied by mexican drug cartels. a wheelchair-bound woman died in a house fire in hayward this morning. a couple also living in the house tried to put out the flames but couldn't. they got out okay. firefighters got to the woman in the wheelchair but she later died. the cause of the fire is believed to be electrical. marjorie now faces murder charges for a crash last year. she was arrested following an october crash in menlo park that killed a couple walking their dog.
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investigators say reitzell veered off of road and plowed into them from behind. prosecutors say marjorie reitzell was drunk and on probation for a previous dui arrest. a cab crisis is hitting san francisco hard. one taxi company's ceo tells ryan takeo, time is running out. >> when i say that something like the taxi industry may not survive 18-month or so, i'm seeing a situation where those who would otherwise drive a taxi in the past are now taking a personal car. >> reporter: that's what some drivers have already done. a quarter of his company fleet have switched to "rideshare" companies like uber, lyft and sidecar. across the city, it's more like a third. cab companies continue to hemorrhage drivers. defectors like ahmad who went with uber. >> i'm over on my time. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: gets away from this taxi stand. >> i just requested uber. >> reporter: karen waits for an
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uber ride. she likes the convenience. the company keeps her credit card on file. >> i get to my destination. i say thank you, have a good day and then i'm on my way. >> we cannot compete against an unregulated force. >> reporter: kim says "rideshare" drivers aren't playing by the same rules. [ beeping ] >> reporter: last year, taxi drivers protested saying "rideshares" don't have to pay the same fees or be specially licensed. kim sees more drivers jumping ship if things don't change. >> people are not getting tab driver's licenses anymore -- cab driver's licenses anymore. they don't have to. so the concern here is, it questions if the taxi industry can survive that. >> reporter: he has a lot to lose so of course he will say that, right? but here near union square it's tough not to notice the "rideshare" stranglehold is getting stronger and now new fears the cab industry is already on life support. in san francisco, ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> the state puc drafted new rules for "rideshares" including permits, a national criminal background check, and
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a 19-point car inspection. but cab companies say that doesn't go far enough. candidates in close california primary races might need to holder that breaths a little longer because california's secretary of state estimates nearly a million ballots cast on tuesday still haven't been counted. a lot of those are from absentee voters who got their ballots in the mail but returned them at precinct. several races are too close to call including who finished second in the state controller. when does yes mean yes? a state bill would require college students to reach an agreement before having sex. the proposal says affirmative consent cannot be given by anyone who is hindered by drugs, alcohol or any mental and physical condition. and it can be revoked at any time. not everyone is sold. >> you don't take a report of a
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major felony to a university student affairs officer who is used to dealing with problems arising from keg parties. you go to the cops. >> it's critical that we create a culture respectful of women, that we create protocols that are transparent. >> the bill has already passed the senate and moves to the state assembly. if it becomes law, the state colleges and universities would need to implement so-called affirmative consent or possibly lose money from the state. today oklahoma became the third state to repeal "common core" education standards. it's a fundamental change in how students are tested and some worry it's a federal takeover of state education but kpix 5's ann notarangelo shows us, some bay area schools are giving it a chance. >> it's more fun and stress relieving because it doesn't take as long. >> reporter: "common core" testing day at this walnut creek middle school is relatively relaxed. it's a practice test for the district to assess the new standardized tests and the kids
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like the format. >> can't guess on the questions as much because there's boxes that you have to fill in of, uhm, you know, like writing things out, even or writing equations. >> reporter: it's a far cry from panic by "common core" critics who say it gives the federal government too much control, lack teacher oversight and are stressing out our kids. >> we are not looking at throwing out everything about "common core," just like a new medicine, there's side effects. >> reporter: liz says teachers in other states are being fired over test scores and this is an attempt to privatize education. >> you are shelling through data that the public schools are failing and that's justifying the intervention needs for charters and private schools. >> i think the "common core" standard could actually help save the public school system. >> reporter: emily richards teaches teachers how to
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implement "common core." she says the same standards that frighten parents don't faze children. >> we as adults feel overwhelmed because it's so new to us. when you're a first grader, you don't know the difference. students, uhm, are always having to do new stuff. >> reporter: not all teachers are anxious. have you had to change the way you teach the subject matter? >> yes, i claimed some things. >> reporter: are we still teaching to the test? >> it will be hard not to teach to the test because it's a habit at this point. >> reporter: this is a high performing middle school. still, april bush rejects the notion her teachers are fearful of losing their jobs because of test scores. >> i don't see any real difference. we have been doing high stakes testing now for 10 years. >> reporter: opposition to "common core" is growing as more students are exposed to the curriculum. the goal is to turn out better students. but no one knows if that will happen. in walnut creek, ann notarangelo, kpix 5. big hats, catchy songs and
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larger-than-life characters are all part of a san francisco institution. coming up, the city hall spectacle celebrating 40 years of "beach blanket babylon." >> at 5:00, we were on the east side of the caldecott tunnel. now we're reporting live from the west side or cooler side. five miles we drove. 29 degrees. we'll talk about the temperature difference from coast to inland for the weekend and beyond coming up in the seven-day forecast. >> and a first for nasa. how it's using laser beams to beam back video from space in seconds.
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seem to vanish by the day... unaffordable property... sog rents... the google it can be tough to be in northern california. landmarks vanishing by the day unaffordable property soaring rents google buses. let's face it. change has produced a lot of
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complaining in san francisco lately. but tonight let's stop complaining and honor one institution's incredible staying power. >> reporter: today at high noon, under the regal and dignified dome of city hall -- ♪[ music ] >> reporter: -- ♪[ music ] >> reporter: -- on the grand staircase an amazing parade of outrageous gigantic hats and a crazier cast of characters. >> i was rummaging in willie brown's closet the other day -- >> reporter: including former u.s. secretary of state george schultz, as superman, and former mayor willie brown as the emperor. >> that imposter you had earlier, lee -- [ laughter ] >> reporter: all on hand to celebrate 40 years of "beach
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blanket babylon." >> it is absolutely incredible. >> reporter: the show is the world's longest running musical revue in theater history. it's packed with sight gags and spoofs of pop and political culture. >> there's something in the news that we think is relevant and that the audience is going to care about, we can get it in the show that night. >> reporter: the show was created by the late steve silver. before he died, he picked his wife as his successor. >> he said as long as this is fun, you just keep on doing this. the day comes it is not fun, stop. well, it is still so much fun. and for me, it's a labor of love. >> reporter: the show has been seen by millions including queen elizabeth, prince charles and camilla as part of their first royal tour of the united states. >> i think they enjoyed it. >> reporter: for 40 years of wild, witty and wonderful, "beach blanket babylon" hats off to you. ♪[ music ]
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[ applause ] >> i can just look at the costumes for days. it's amazing. >> we have to go see it. >> we have to. well, believe it or not, the heaviest hat in "beach blanket babylon" weighs 250 pounds. you can see many of them on display at locations throughout san francisco including macy's, the de young museum, the fairmont hotel and ghirardelli chocolates in the square. and meteorologist paul deanno is live with mobile weather near the caldecott tunnel. paul, just an hour ago you were on the eastern side. what's the weather like now on the western side? >> reporter: we did a little drive through the tunnel, obviously it's not that far of a drive but to set up our equipment it took a little time and we wanted to show you how close our different climate zones can be. on the other side of the tunnel, it is 82 in lafayette, 88 in alamo, 87 in walnut
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creek. right now, in oakland it is 58 degrees. we're talking 5, 6, 7 miles. we are talking 30 degrees. i love driving through the caldecott tunnel on highway 24 because it makes that temperature gauge in your car go from like 96 to 56 in just a couple miles in the heat of summer. right down here is highway 24. folks heading from right to left on your tv screen. heading toward the tunnel and their temperature gauges will go from the 50s to the 80s in a matter of five minutes of driving. just one of the many bay area microclimates around here. livermore you hit a high today of 86. look at san francisco. 63. oakland today 68. san jose 77. lots going on over the next couple of days. giants, mets tonight at&t park. cool and breezy par for the course for this time of year. first pitch temperature 59 degrees. san mateo your county fair this weekend. warm and sunny in the 80s. haight-ashbury vote fair on sunday warm in san francisco
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the low 70s. here's what to expect from the skies above us and your weather. high pressure is moving closer to induce a weekend warmup but most of that warming will be away from the water. high temperatures tomorrow will hit the 90s in many spots including napa at 90, concord 89, and san jose 84. but san francisco only 70. that's still pretty pleasant. and pacifica 66 with morning fog and drizzle. sunny hot inland, 100 degrees away from the water in a few spots. near the bay though much more comfortable, light onshore flow you stay in the 70s and at the coast, in the 60s. moderate cooling next week and by next thursday, we're back to the 80s inland. and 60s near the bay. here's something really crazy. we're looking from oakland back towards san francisco shrouded in fog toward the golden gate. right now, san francisco is trending cooler in june than we were in january. in the same calendar year, livermore away from the water right now is having its hottest
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year ever. so guys, san francisco cooler than january, livermore has never been warmer. same year, same area, that's the bay area microclimates. >> there you go. it's summer in the bay area. what can you say? thank you. well, nasa is entering a new age in communications. for the first time it's using lasers to send video from the international space station. cbs reporter bobby kapel has the story. >> reporter: a happy jet propulsion lab in pasadena as a team of nasa contracted engineers did something they have never done before. >> this is the first time that an american unit has been used to transfer this from the space station to the ground. >> reporter: this is video shot of the international space station passing over southern california. you can see the light moving through the night sky. as it did, the space station shot down an infrared laser beam pointed at the wrightwood receiving station to test out sending video from space on the
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laser. this hd clip was sent through the beam in a matter of seconds. it currently comes through radiowaves at a slower pace. think of dial-up modems and dsl. matt is the mission manager at this project at jpl. >> the demonstration of the new technology and the technology has the potential to raise data communications rates 10 to 1,000 times what they are today. >> reporter: when the beam left the space station, it came out of a contraption like this and it spanned just 15 millimeters. when it get to the ground, that same beam spread out to 400 meters. >> as the space station flies overhead we point to the ground and track the ground station and as long as we can main two- way alignment, we can transmit the information on the laser. >> reporter: now that this mission is deemed a success, the possibilities are endless in the next frontier. engineers here say these lasers are the best shot we have at one day getting live video back from another planet. >> cool stuff. transmitting data from the space station to earth requires
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amazing precision. so precise, you could compare it to a person aiming a later pointer at the end of a human hair 30 feet away and keeping it precisely there while walking. >> oh. >> incredible stuff. still ahead, one win away from horseracing's elusive triple crown. california chrome gets ready for the belmont stakes. and his fans can't wait. ,,,,,,,,,,
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this week, dulcinea mini watermelons are just $2.50 each. mayonnaise is a must. best foods mayo is just $2.99. and get your spoons ready. ben & jerry's is a tasty $2.99. there's more savings to love... at safeway. ingredients for life. 35 years. reporter ken rudolph watched the colts' pre-race workout and went it takes to win in less than 24 hours california chrome will attempt something that hasn't been done in more than 35 years. ken rudolph watched the colt's prerace workout and went to see if he has what it takes to win the triple crown. >> reporter: the final hours before the belmont stakes begins with a daily lesson for california chrome. it's another schooling session in the paddock a routine designed to help the colt get acclimated to the belmont paddock. it's a process that starts at 6
6:23 pm
a.m. >> we get him out early so peek cam come early. people will come in and do whatever so then he has the rest of the morning to rest. and he enjoys it. he lies down and goes to sleep when everybody leaves. >> reporter: while california chrome is relaxed, everything around him is not. from the box on the rooftop where 43-year veteran track announcer tom durkin is searching for the words to capture history, to the base of big sandy where more than 100 photographers are looking for the shot of a lifetime, everyone is hoping they are watching history in the making. >> absolutely. >> it was great. ran in the right spot. celebrated at the right time so trying to get a repeat of that. >> reporter: on thursday, this main track was a muddy mess. by friday, it him proved dramatically. well, come saturday, thanks to the hard work of the crew on track, and a huge helping hand from nature, big sandy should be perfect for the belmont. >> we can only control so much. weather dictates everything we do on the track. we have been fortunate that it
6:24 pm
looks like friday and saturday are going to be fantastic days beautiful sunshine. >> reporter: everything is coming together in the belmont stakes, just like it has for 145 previous years. all that remains is for california chrome to write the final chapter in his amazing triple crown story and for the voice in the sky to find a way to crystallize the moment for eternity. >> oh, yeah. well, maybe i can say, moving like an incredible machine, maybe i can. >> reporter: do you have any others? do you have -- >> no. i'm not going to give it a way. pay your 10 bucks come in like everybody else and you're hear it. >> the owners live in yuba city and the town is preparing for a watch party. they are shutting down the street in anticipation of 20,000 fans. you want to make the trip up there, the event starts at noon and goes until 7:00. thousands are expected to turn out at golden gate fields in berkeley. the racetrack says the turf club is sold out but the clubhouse and grandstand will be open.
6:25 pm
>> i won on him twice, and i think and i hope he really wins this race that he wins the big race tomorrow. >> more of a reason to go clear on california chrome, a wine fest will also be going on. mountain view could be cashing in on the new 49ers stadium at the expense of fans. for those who decide to take the train to get to levi's stadium for games or special events, it could be costly. there is a proposal to bump the parking fee at the mountain view caltrain station to $25. now, normally, it is 5 bucks for the day. a vote is expected next month. coming up in our next half hour, new details in the fbi investigation of a san francisco man. what agents say he was searching for online that raised a red flag. >> and on this 70th anniversary of d-day, how a bottle of wine is bringing together the spirit of two world war ii soldiers. ,,,,,, ♪ ♪
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,,,,,, thank you! thank you!
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and track him down. da lin is at t in the city. da, th now at 6:30 we are learning what led police to track down a
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man. >> it makes it sound like ryan chamberlain was looking to build more than a bottom. kpix 5's da lin reports. >> reporter: aside from the bomb-making materials, the fbi says ryan chamberlain also bought toxic -- lethal toxins. that from the fbi search warrant affidavit. they suspect that he bought the poison for one purpose, to kill people. ryan chamberlain's uncle and mother rushed into a waiting car outside of the federal building without talking to the media. his federal public defender tried to block our camera. what the defense could not block was the explosive information released by the u.s. attorney today. the search warrant affidavit says chamberlain used internet currency bitcoin to buy a poison called abrin from online vendors. experts say a small dose can kill. a former fbi agent says the new
6:30 pm
information is troubling. >> it is toxic. you can't just buy it. people don't have in their possession without some sort of, uhm, ill will. >> reporter: the fbi says chamberlain tried to buy an even more lethal toxin, liquid ricin, but it was too expensive so he settled with abrin. agent say chamberlain told the sacramento seller would use the poison to ease the suffering of cancer patients. >> bomb-making equipment, explosive biological agents, public would be up in arms if the fbi didn't do anything about it. so anyone who possesses this stuff is, uhm, is a danger to the community. >> reporter: police arrested the 42-year-old man near the golden gate bridge monday after an intense nationwide manhunt. fbi agents say they found bomb- making materials in his san francisco apartment as well as things used to make ie ds. despite the fbi accusations, family and friends continue to
6:31 pm
support the political consultant. a judge today ordered chamberlain to get further psychiatric evaluations. live at the federal building in san francisco, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> and ryan chamberlain is due back in court on june 16. sunnyvale police say they were threatened with what looked like a real rifle before shooting and killing a murder suspect. turns out it was a bb gun. police went to arrest 53-year- old glen griggs yesterday at his home near fair oaks. authorities had to use a s.w.a.t. tank to enter griggs' home. once inside, he made verbal threats against the officers' lives before coming out of a room with what looked like a rifle. >> officers fired one lethal rubber baton which was ineffective and he raised the weapon at officers who fired and struck him. >> glen griggs died at the hospital. he is believed to be responsible for the murder of molly franquemont. she was reported missing last year and her body has never been found.
6:32 pm
a bay area doctor is jail charged with the murder of his wife. a gilroy man was arrested at his home yesterday. kpix 5's mark sayre reports police are still looking for another suspect. . >> reporter: dr. german baldeon is being held in the santa clara county jail on a million dollars bail. gilroy police say he placed a call to 911 in the afternoon of april 1st saying his wife was in medical distress. but when paramedics arrived, they quickly called police after noticing some injuries. >> so i don't know. i'm shocked. >> reporter: this neighbor says the couple never caused any problems. nice couple? >> yes. they were very kind to --she was very kind to my grandchildren, always let them play, you know, when they were playing. >> reporter: police say it took them all this time to put this case together and thursday morning, police served a search and arrest warrant at baldeon's home. he was taken into custody without incident. but a second suspect in the case, 59-year-old david galvez, was nowhere to be seen, when police went to his home in tracy.
6:33 pm
police say galvez is a native of ecuador which is is also dr. baldeon's home country where he went to medical school. police have now alerted border agents and airports about mr. galvez. >> the concern is mr. galvez might have fled the country. but we asked the citizens to be vigilant and he is to be considered armed and dangerous. >> reporter: police are not discussing the relationship between the two men, other than to say they are friends. reporting in gilroy, i'm mark sayre, kpix 5. dr. baldeon is scheduled to be arraigned monday. the dispute between muni and its drivers could end tomorrow. the workers staged a three-day sickout this week over their contract. they couldn't go on strike because that would be illegal. both sides are set to meet with an arbitrator. whatever the arbitrator decides is final and binding. today salutes, tears and signs of international friendship marked 70 years since d-day. the day american troops stormed
6:34 pm
the beaches of normandy and eventually liberated france from germany in 1944. president obama along with the french president laid a wreath to honor thousands of allied troops who fought. mr. obama hugged veterans and thanked them for their commitment to liberty and freedom. >> these men waged war so we might know peace. they sacrificed so that we might be free. they fought in hopes of a day when we would no longer need to fight. we are grateful to them. [ applause ] >> france said thank you to the united states in new york, flags unfurled at a ceremony at the base of the statue of liberty. overhead two helicopters showered lady liberty with a million rose petals. a vintage bottle of wine was to bring together a group of infantry men after world war ii was over but then something happened. rob mcallister on the history in a bottle. >> reporter: ray hagan last held this bottle of french wine nearly 70 years ago. >> i had my name down here, rp hagan. >> reporter: ray's signature is one of many from the u.s.
6:35 pm
army's 83rd infantry division who signed the bottle. at the end of world war ii, they wouldn't pop the cork until all of them were back together in the united states. >> if you open this bottle, something -- something will happen to you. >> reporter: the 83rd infantry division landed on the beaches of normandy two weeks after d- day. the division suffered thousands of casualties. >> we got shells and mortal shells coming in. we lost our jeep driver hit with shrapnel. >> reporter: ray said his friend ben young must have picked up the wine from an abandoned home. >> they have wine standard away. >> reporter: ben died in 2002. but ben's son who now lives in montana wanted to return the bottle to one of the men who had scribbled his name on it
6:36 pm
all those years ago. he tracked down a ray hagan living in placerville. >> bottle of french booze. how about a century late? but at least it made it. i was the only one left out of the group. all the other ones had passed away. >> reporter: ray doesn't remember the pact or even signing the label but says he will honor the agreement made in france 7 decades ago. the bottle will remain sealed. >> no, i'll never open it. >> reporter: there is that label that says 1955. it still hasn't been opened until this day. and ray says once he passes on to his children, they promise they won't open a bottle either. in sacramento, rob mcallister, kpix 5. still ahead, they seem harmless until you sign up. coming up in tonight's consumerwatch how getting free newsletters can come back to haunt you and your credit. >> and a man behind the hidden cash frenzy isn't hidden any longer. his big bay area giveaway planned for this weekend. ,,
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the man behind all that hidden cash has remained a secret until now. here he is, jason buzi of palo alto. he confirmed he is the mystery man hiding all that cash in the bay area and beyond. the tv show inside edition used a voice analyst to track him down. buzi has been hiding cash and creating a social media craze posting clues on twitter. he says he has made millions flipping houses and just wants to give back. before you sign up for that free subscription, be sure to read the fine print. on the consumerwatch, julie watts on how a freebie could end up sending you and your employer to collections. >> reporter: industry news letters geared toward businesses or employees can be helpful but some recipient said they got more headaches than information. >> i know i didn't order it. >> reporter: she says the industry newsletter that began showing up at her office came
6:40 pm
as a surprise. and the bills that followed were just as much of a mystery. >> i was like, why -- i never talked to them. why am i -- why are they billing us? >> reporter: an administrative assistant in a busy medical office tried to put a stop to both. the publisher threatened to send her and her employer to collections. >> i was like, oh, my god, am i going to get in trouble? >> reporter: she is not alone. >> the company has an f grade. >> reporter: the bbb has received more than 2200 complaints in the past three years about unwanted newsletters from progressive business publications. some from companies that said they never ordered the newsletters and others from businesses that claim they merely agreed to a free trial. in fact, that's what happened to the head of the kpix 5 engineering department. he did agree to the freebie but says he never saw an invoice until a collection agency came calling. >> they called up and said, you know, hey, we need money for this subscription. we're like, well, wait a
6:41 pm
second. it never got the invoice to begin with. >> reporter: and we found complaint after complaint echoing ruth and jeff's stories on various websites including yelp where nearly every review for progressive is one star. >> businesses have an ethical obligation to not bill consumers or businesses for products they didn't order. >> reporter: progressive insists both jeff and ruth did order the subscriptions and it sent them invoices and confirming emails although it misspelled ruth's name so she never saw hers. so what can you do if you're billed for something you thought it was free or didn't order? well, refute the charge in writing and file a complaint with the bbb and the federal trade commission which is what ruth did and the bills stopped. >> i definitely didn't need this to deal with. >> reporter: now, progressive says you can cancel a subscription within 60 days and they don't sent and account to collections until after they have sent five invoices but many complain they never got
6:42 pm
one invoice. while it questions the bbb's credibility, progressive says it addressed all the bbb complaints. the company claims to have placed 1.2 million orders in the last three years. so it says that complaint level is quite low. >> all right, julie. thank you very much. warm on one side, cooler on the other. welcome to the bay area. meteorologist paul deanno is live near the caldecott tunnel tonight. paul? >> reporter: yeah. one side of the tunnel we have the cold stuff, one mile that way in berkeley it's officially 58 degrees. 7 miles that way, walnut creek, it is 84 degrees! another june day in the bay area. a beautiful shot right here. what's going to happen this weekend? wait until you see when we hit 100. that's coming up. hey, straight ahead in sports, did the spurs pay their air-conditioning bill? stanford baseball showed us the price of flying cross-country. and 12 previous horses have
6:43 pm
almost tasted triple crown honors. will 13 be the lucky number for california chrome? don't move. ,,
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
(((weather))) (((weather))) (((weather))) to sports meteorologist paul deanno is live with mobile weather near the caldecott tunnel and
6:46 pm
we're looking forward to the weekend, paul. >> reporter: ah, it's friday! coming up on the weekend. we're all going to warm up but there is going to be a huge difference especially on sunday between what happens inland places like brentwood and vacaville and fairfield and livermore, versus what's going to happen at the beach. this particular vantage point on the west side of the caldecott tunnel, we typically would see the city of san francisco the bay bridge and/or the golden gate bridge. what a great view on 24 coming through the tunnel. tonight, a blanket of light. visibility is down. we have the onshore flow. we have the marine layer and the invasion has begun. the clouds have already spilled over the coast through the golden gate and we are on the way to another foggy night tonight anywhere near the water. these are your current temperatures outside with the fog moving into san francisco. 59 degrees san francisco. inland we have livermore at 78. san jose 71. you were cooler today by a few
6:47 pm
degrees. san bruno 64. oakland 66. overnight everything equalizes. at night we level out. 53 in san francisco tonight. 53 napa. 55 for mountain view and santa rosa. down to 50 degrees oakland down to 55. once again foggy near the water. high pressure is moving closer. but when you see the center of high pressure just off to the west, that's weather we get the temperature spread because we don't have the offshore or east wind which warms up everyone even at the coast the 80s with that pattern. instead this time you have a tiny light little on shore flow which impacts just a tiny little area along the coastline and the bay but that's where a few million people live here in the bay area so it has a high impact and makes a high difference in the high temperatures on a day lime tomorrow and sunday where we'll have a -- on a day like tomorrow and sunday where we'll have a 30 to 45-degree temperature swing coast to inland. tomorrow sunny for most but not all of the bay area this weekend. the coast stays cloudy. temperatures will hit their
6:48 pm
highest for everyone on sunday but wait until you see that spread. highs tomorrow saturday above average. morgan hill you're going to hit 90. half moon bay only 67. i think you'll get some afternoon sunshine for you in pacifica and down toward monterey bay. fremont at 80 tomorrow. antioch warm 93. pleasant hill close to 90. livermore 92. petaluma 84 degrees. daly city 65. richmond 70. and how about ukiah tomorrow? you're going to hit 100 degrees both weekend days. tomorrow the cooler day with the high of 100. your extended forecast calling for a high of 100 for many locations inland on sunday. but the coast will stay in the mid-60s. mid- to upper 60s because of that light onshore flow. on monday we begin cooling off but it's a gradual process. it will take until next thursday to get a day inland that will not hit 90 and we'll stay around the 60s and 70s near the water courtesy of that light onshore flow. sitting and overlooking highway 24, all the cars moving from right to left, they are driving through and they are seeing the
6:49 pm
temperature on their car thermometer, at about 58 degrees. by the time they make it to walnut creek, it will be 26 degrees warmer. and actually that is one of the smaller temperature spreads so far this week. so microclimates are everywhere. but one of the best ones is right through the caldecott tunnel. we're on the chilly side. it certainly can get toasty and will inland coming up this weekend. we have sports coming up next. ,, ,,
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
baseball up top... ...colle this is kind of fun. it's not every day we get to start the sportscast with college baseball. >> engaging the anchors with college baseball. by the way, speaking of the old sports segment, you a lover of horses, you're going to love the stand-up. coming up later on. clem baseball means a local team is making news at ncaa play. somebody forgot to tell stanford they are not supposed to get this far. two wins away from the college world series? they flew cross-country after finals to face the giants first round pick beede. that was a bases-loaded situation. two runs scored. 9-0 in the third. it was as bad as 10-0. stanford's best chance here in
6:53 pm
the fifth, down 4, bases loaded flyball found a glove. vandy would win 11-6 to take game one. game 2 tomorrow. go to the big boys. josh donaldson machado can't they just shake hands? yoenis cespedes down the right field line in the 8th. this would tie the game at 3. and that's how it stands in the bottom of the 9th at the orioles. from that to the nba. it's getting hot in here ♪ yeah! somebody shut down the air conditioning in the spurs game yesterday. they say it will be ready for game 2 on sunday. but temperatures soared above 90 degrees. it may have factored in lebron james leaving the game with leg cramps with four minutes to play. the criticism doesn't bother james with a firestorm of
6:54 pm
criticism on social media. >> you guys know me by now. i don't care. i really don't. i real don't care what people say about me. i really don't care about that sports group or the drink group, almost said her name. all right. men's semifinals french open. top seed nadal far court handled murray in straight sets. nadal is targeting his fifth straight french open title. and 8th overall. the man in the white hat, novak djokovic who won in four sets. djokovic will be seeking his first french open title. well, by 4:00 tomorrow, you're going to love the stand- up -- by 4:00 tomorrow, we will know if california chrome will have won the belmont stakes to become the 12th horse to win the coveted triple crown of thoroughbred racing even casual sports fans may lean forward for this one. it hasn't happened in almost 40
6:55 pm
years. track afficianados have been waiting for this one, too. at our own local racetrack golden gate fields all the talk was not so much if california chrome can win the triple crown, it's blind belief here this small colt will deliver. track steward darrell knows all about it. a former jockey he competed in two belmont stakes, lost one of them by a neck. >> he has already shown he has exceptional talent and it doesn't appear distance is going to be an issue. >> reporter: a distance of a mile and a half. 12 furlongs for the race. more than most 3-year-old horses have ever raced. according to ernest smith on the left and ben smith, who have been coming to the track for 112 years ago combined, that is where a seasoned jockey like victor espinoza comes into play. >> with this boy riding this horse there's something about
6:56 pm
him and this horse good together. >> he's a lot of horse so when the jockey say he's a lot of horse i have to believe what he says. [ laughter ] >> he just keeps on winning. >> it is an 11-horse field on saturday. there have been 23 winners of the belmont stakes will come from the number one post position. 11 winners from the number 2 post position where california chrome is slated. much like one of the greatest of them all in 1973, secretariat. >> secretariat has opened a 22- length lead! he is going to be the triple crown winner! >> reporter: now, secretariat won the belmont by over 31 lengths so no one is expecting that. here, they do anticipate the 36- year triple crown drought to end saturday afternoon. >> all right. we'll see if it happens. did you like that stand-up? >> i loved it. they loved you.
6:57 pm
>> they thought i had sugar cubes in the back. i'm not getting -- this horse came right up to me started nibbling on my sleeve. just wouldn't let me go. >> he found a friend. >> and the basic anchor insert walking stand-up -- the other horse almost on cue comes out to find out what's going on and i rubbed his head. >> perfect. the timing was perfect. but i think both of them are show men so they kind of knew the camera was on and they wanted to kind of, you know, i want to get a little facetime. >> i love horses. they're like big dogs. this california chrome, $10,000. that's what it cost. >> amazing. >> in a field of horses that cost mid- to high six figures! >> crazy. >> i hate to interrupt this horsy talk but we're out of time. remember the latest news and weather are always on our website, ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
joey fatone: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible fremantle media] steve: welcome to the show. how you folks? how you doing today? thank you all for coming. thank you very much. hey, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey, and boy, have we got another good one for you today, folks. returning for their second day, from phoenix, arona, it's the pickett family. and from austin, texas, it's the murphy family. everybody's here trying to win their self a lot of cash and the possibility of driving out of here in a brand-new head-turning ford fusion, folks. let's play "feud." give me dave, give me michael. let's go. ["family feud" theme plays]


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